Apr 25, 2018

How to Earn Money from Home on YOUTUBE

How to Make Money


Can we earn money on YouTube?

Yes.. We can earn through you tube.

Many of us doing this easy work to make money on you tube.

Here I am going to explain how to make money  from youtube.

Everyone can share their
own videos on YouTube.

First of all You want to know that,  what will you need for this.

If You have a camera or
Camera Mobile
you can make money on youtube.

Step 1
Capture all the things as your wish.
For example,
Beauty tips,
Cooking tips,
video tutorials,
Child’s activities,
Technology matters,
Songs, Dances, Like that,.

Step 2: 
Now customize your video
using movie maker
like video editing software.

Remove unwanted properties
of your video.

Add a voiceon background
of your video,if need,
add that after recording that.

Step 3: 
Go to YouTube website,
sign in with your
gmail account and open
a channelwith your own name
and upload your video
by clicking upload button.

Step 4: 
Provide information in the space
for that page about your video.

Give the suitable and
catchy title for your video.

Describe your video
on the Description area.

On Tags part give simple key words
for searching about your video.

Now select as Public and save that.

Step 5: 
Your video is own of you,
YouTube will send
an email like “Invitation
to earn revenue
from your YouTube videos”.

Go to that link and give 
your information on the page.

That link will be
“YouTube Partner Program :
Interest Form”. Now YouTube
check your videos. YouTube expects
more number of videos and views.

Step 6: 
If all the expectations are 
completed successfully then 
YouTube will provide “Partner” option.

But, for so many people it may be 
unapproved when your videos
would be copyrighted.

Your videos
should be your own.

Step 7 :
You have to wait for  4000 hours
of visting your video by the people
and you have to reach
1000 subsribers in 12 months
to earn from YOUTUBE.

But don’t be without uploading
videos and do your work continuously.

Step 8: 
If you have AdSense account,
YouTube will give a chance
to earn through AdSense.

After uploading your video you may 
turn on - Monitize that video.
After confirmation of that video
is not copyrighted,
Monetize tab will open.

And Income will be added
your youtube Acount.

Your income depends on
the number of videos
uploaded by you.

If copying any others video
your channel should permanently
terminated by the youtube
terms and conditions.

Be with
your own videos
and Earn more.

If you want to know
How to open
an ADSENSE Account
See my another video/page
about Adsense.

Apr 22, 2010

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